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Crossroads RV Park - Area Attractions

Osage County is known as the Water Sports Capital of Kansas.
Boat access to Pomona lake is a short 2 minute drive from the campground. With its 52 miles of scenic shorline swimming, fishing, conoeing, sailing and skiing are some of the options that are availiable.

Melven Lake
The larger and more impressive Melven Lake is just 10 minutes to the south on highway 75. Popular for its water sports, hunting and hiking areas.

Water is not the only attraction here at Crossroads RV Park.
Here are a few more . . .

DeVelle's Vassar Theater
Enjoy live entertainment on the Prairie along with a Gourmet Family Style Meal. High energy Branson Style Shows, Bluegrass, Country, Retro, Melodrama or Vaudeutle.

Golfing is great in Osage County. Three 9 - hole golf courses are all open to the public. Take a short drive and visit these inviting courses.

The Sante Fe Trail
Movies and books often romanticized the Sante Fe Trail. Streching 775 miles from Independence Missouri, to Sante Fe New Mexico, 500 miles are in Kansas. Visitors to Osage County can retrace some of those miles seeing wagon ruts, historical buildings and classic red brick streets. Numerous Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) markers abound to assist in the adventure.

Museums & Geneology
Osage County offers a variety of opportunities for the museum goer or the avid geneological researcher.